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“Breast augmentation can restore confidence, providing a whole new lease on life.”

Enhancing your breast size through breast augmentation in Sydney can not only provide you with a more attractive figure, but may also improve your body image and self-confidence. Dr. Flood offers this popular procedure using a variety of breast implant styles so that you can choose a look that best suits your aesthetic preferences.

Achieving fuller, shapelier breasts that look natural requires a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable surgeon that you can trust. Dr. Flood is known as a compassionate and down-to-earth specialist in breast enhancement, whose Sydney-area practice is dedicated to providing exceptional results that are appropriate for your body type.


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Breast Implant Options

Dr. Flood understands that each woman has her own definition of beauty, and that is why he carries a diverse assortment of breast implants at his Sydney-area practice. During your initial consultation, he will explain each option in detail and recommend the most appropriate implant type for your lifestyle and goals. Some of the considerations he will discuss may include:

You can choose from either round or anatomical (teardrop) shaped implants. While most of Dr. Flood’s patients typically choose anatomical implants for their natural appearance, women who want enhanced fullness may prefer round implants.
Saline, silicone, and polyurethane implants are available. While all are safe and widely used in Sydney for breast augmentation, they differ in appearance and feel. Dr. Flood will discuss the advantages and trade-offs of each during your consultation.
Breast implant profile refers to the projection of the breasts from the chest wall. Choosing the most appropriate type will depend on your existing anatomy and aesthetic concerns.
Depending on the type of implants you select, you may also have the option of a smooth or textured outer shell. Dr. Flood will explain which option is best for your needs.

What To Expect

Dr. Flood makes every effort to ensure that you are educated and informed about your procedure and that you have a comfortable experience. He is available to answer your questions throughout the entire process – from your first consultation to your follow-up appointments.  We’ve made it our goal to offer the very best in breast augmentation in Sydney.

During your first visit, Dr. Flood will spend time discussing your expectations for surgery and taking measurements and photos. He will then assess your unique physical characteristics and determine which implant options are best and whether or not a complementary procedure such as a breast lift is necessary. From this information, Dr. Flood will devise a unique, customized treatment plan based on your individual factors. Dr. Flood also requests that you bring in photos of breasts that you like and dislike to assist him with the choice and style of implants that he will use. You may be invited back for a 2nd consultation in order to discuss the details of surgery.
Breast enlargement with Dr. Flood is typically performed under general anesthesia and takes between 1 – 1.5 hours to perform. Most implants are placed through an incision in the natural breast crease (called an inframammary incision) in order to conceal scarring. Dr. Flood uses very careful, controlled surgical techniques to ensure minimal tissue damage. He does not use drains after surgery which greatly increases comfort during the recovery process.
After surgery, you will wear a compression garment for only one day and then be allowed to transition into a sports bra. This undergarment must be worn 24 hours a day for the first 2 weeks in order to ensure that your breasts heal properly. Most of Dr. Flood’s patients experience increased comfort after the first 4 – 7 days and can return to work within a week.