Stem cells are causing a buzz in all arenas, from skincare to health care. Sydney plastic surgeon Dr John Flood is one of the Australians pioneering the use of stem cells in rehabilitative and aesthetic medicine. He is at the forefront of discoveries into the use of stem cells for regenerating tissue, alleviating pain and – quite literally – reversing the signs of ageing from within.

‘We use autologous, adipose-derived stem cells, which are stem cells taken from the patient’s own adipose tissue, or fat,’ Dr Flood explains. ‘We harvest the stem cells while the patient is under local anaesthetic – usually from the love-handles, where most people have pockets of fat. The sample is centrifuged in a lab and the stem cells are purified. Importantly, we use a regulated and certified lab, where there is no chance of bacterial contamination or cross contamination. The stem cells are then inserted into syringes and returned for use in the clinic.’

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