Medications to Avoid Pre-Operatively

18 Jul 2023

The following medications are to be avoided pre-operatively.  If you are taking any of these medications, you may need to cease taking it or have the dosage reduced prior to surgery. You must discuss this with Dr Flood.

Analgesics, Antipyretics

Medication Manufacturer Ingredient Dosage
Astrix 100 Faulding Aspirin 100mg
Cardiprin Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 100mg
Cartia Smith Kline & French Aspirin 100mg
Alka-Seltzer Regular Bayer Aspirin 324mg
Alka-Seltzer Lemon Bayer Aspirin 300mg
Aspalgin Fawns & McAllan Aspirin 300mg
Aspirin (Dispersible) Fawns & McAllan Aspirin 300mg
Aspros Preparations Tablets Nicholas Aspirin 300mg
Aspros Preparations Capsules Nicholas Aspirin 300mg
Aspros Preparations Clear Nicholas Aspirin 300mg
Bayer Aspirin Bayer Aspirin 300mg
Bex Powders Nicholas Aspirin 650mg
Bex Tablets Nicholas Aspirin 325mg
Bufferin Bristol-Myers Aspirin 325mg
Codiphen GP Aspirin 250mg
Codis Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 500mg
Codox Boots Aspirin 300mg
Codral Blue Label Wellcome Aspirin 300mg
Codral Forte Wellcome Aspirin 325mg
Decrin Powders Nicholas Aspirin 650mg
Disprin Tablets Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 300mg
Disprin Capsules Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 300mg
Disprin Direct Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 300mg
Disprin Forte Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 500mg
Morphalgin Fawns & McAllan Aspirin 250mg
Percodan Boots Aspirin 224mg
Solocode Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 500mg
Solprin Reckitt & Coleman Aspirin 300mg
Spren Sigma Aspirin 500mg
Winsprin Capsules Sterling Aspirin 25mg

Nonsteroid Anti-inflammatory Antirheumatoic Agents

Medication Manufacturer Ingredient Dosage
ASA Arthritis Strength Aspirin Smith Kline & French Aspirin 600mg
Ecotrin Smith Kline & French Aspirin 650mg

Vitamin E Tablets

Medication Manufacturer Ingredient Dosage

Allergy & Immune System

Medication Manufacturer Ingredient Dosage
Avil Travel Hoechst Pheniramine
p-aminosalicylate 50mg
Avil Preparations Hoechst Pheniramine
p-aminosalicylate 10mg
Fabahistin Bayer Mebhydrolin
napadisylate 76mg
Topical Nasopharyngeal Medication:
Vick Inhaler Proctor & Gamble Methyl salicylate 12.30%
Topical Oropharayngeal Medication:
Applicaine Gel Carter-Wallace Choline salicylate 9.00%
Bonjela Gel Reckitt & Coleman Choline salicylate 87.14/mg/g
Ora-sed Jel Fisons Consumer Health Choline salicylate 9.00%
Pyralvex Norgine Salicylic acid 1.00%
Seda-gel Preparations Gel Key Choline salicylate 8.7% w/w
SM-33 Adult Formula Nicholas Salicylic acid 1.50%
SM-33 Gel Nicholas Salicylic acid 2.00%
Astringents – Decongestants – Local Anaesthetics:
Optrex Eye Preparations Lotion Boots Salicylic acid 2.0%
Soothing & Protective Preparations:
Ego Prickly Heat Powder Ego Salicylic acid 1.3%
Karatolytics – Cleansers – Bath Additives:
Aveeno Preparations
Cleansing Bars Derma Tech Salicylic acid 2.00%
Clearasil Medicated Foam Proctor & Gamble Salicylic acid 0.50%
Clear Away Wart Remover System Schering-Plough Salicylic acid 40.0% w/w
Cornkil Fisons Consumer Health Salicylic acid 12.50%
Curaderm Cura Salicylic acid 10.00%
Dermatech Wart Treatment Derma Tech Salicylic acid 17.00%
Vitamin E
Gingko Biloba
Chinese Herbal Remedies

If you are taking this medication, you may need to cease taking it or have the dosage reduced prior to surgery. You must discuss this with Dr Flood.


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