Wrinkle Treatment Sydney

Wrinkle treatment is administered by a few tiny injections under the skin.

Wrinkle treatment works by relaxing wrinkle-causing muscles, allowing the wrinkles to relax away and leaving facial expression free of lines or at least significantly reduced.

Wrinkle treatment will continue to prevent and reduce facial lines and wrinkles for 3-4 months but sometimes up to 6 months or longer. Following treatment the results are not immediately apparent. It usually takes two days to begin to relax away lines, reaching its full action by 10-14 days.

Cosmetic wrinkle treatment is safe in that there are no major or harmful side effects. Wrinkle treatment is used to treat children as young as three years of age and much higher doses in the treatment for cerebral palsy to help them walk. Wrinkle treatment has been used for medical purposes for the past 25 years.

Common side effects are restricted to minor and temporary redness, swelling or bruising at the injection site. Very rarely, wrinkle treatment may migrate into the upper eyelid, causing the eyelid to droop (ptosis). These effects are temporary, lasting 1-2 weeks and will occur if the injections are inappropriately placed. Recovery is spontaneous.

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What Does Wrinkle Treatment Do?

Wrinkle treatment is commonly used to treat the crow’s feet around the eyes, the central frown line between the eyebrows (glabella lines) and the worry lines across the forehead. Wrinkle treatment represents the treatment of choice for these areas.

Wrinkle treatment recently has been shown to be effective in reducing the occurrence of migraine and tension headaches.

Prior to having wrinkle treatment Sydney, patients should avoid using aspirin or any drugs that may thin the blood. This helps to avoid unwanted bruising following the injections.

Wrinkle treatment is best avoided in patients who are pregnant and breast feeding.

There is some truth that wrinkle treatment can be used to prevent the occurrence of new lines and wrinkles. Wrinkle treatment relaxes the wrinkle causing muscles; it prevents the recurrence skin creasing by these muscles, therefore, prevents the occurrence of new lines and wrinkles.

It is important for your practitioner to understand the anatomy of the facial muscles. As a plastic surgeon, Dr Flood has performed detailed dissections on the face to know exactly where the muscles are located, as well as their function. Understanding the true function helps to avoid compensatory over activity of other muscles that have not undergone wrinkle treatment injection. Indeed it is important for the patient not to develop a “blank look” following injection. The aim of treatment is to rejuvenate the face and provide a natural appearance by preserving normal expression while relaxing unwanted lines.

It is important to stress that at times patients will still have persistent crease lines despite the wrinkle treatment working effectively. In such cases patients may request a dermal filler to try and correct this problem. At times patients are mainly concerned with the hyperactivity of their muscles which gives the appearance of an angry or stressed appearance. Wrinkle treatment is effective for correcting such an appearance to leave the patient looking more relaxed. At times for this group of patients, there still may be some fine lines present which the patient is not concerned about.

Wrinkle treatment, generally speaking, is charged by how many “units” of treatment are used.


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